What we do


We ignite and sustain a community of practice where lone practitioners can find a community and a discourse that truly ‘meets’ and receives them, and with whom they can be both supported and challenged to develop and hone their praxis. We do this through holding events and running telecourses.


We provide resources to support practitioners and organizations working at the innovative edge of international development practice; to provide AQAL training manuals, tools, articles, papers, and videos that can support their further enactment of integral practice. We do this through research, writing, and compiling resources.


We consult and mentor practitioners and organizations who are seeking an integrative way forward in their work in global development, or who are keen to evolve their praxis to its next stage. We do this through consulting and mentoring, and public speaking.



Integral Practitioner in Praxis - South Africa Conference

For many years now we have seen programmes offering theory and theoretical discussions on integral practice.  Most of these have dealt with the internal development of the practitioner and although this is very important it is now time to move on.  It is important for us now to look at the way, in ‘real’ situations of praxis a practitioner would use this theory and possibly years of individual development/practice, to provide further insight and tools for the complex situations found in international development. Organised by Rucore Sustainability Foundation/Tlholego Eco-village, and integralMENTORS together with the Integral International Development Centre [Integral Without Borders].

Place: Tlholego Eco-village in the North West Province South Africa.

Dates: May 28 to June 1, 2012


Theory (optional)    1 day  US$ 150

Main gathering       3 days US$ 625

Networking (optional) 1 day US$ 100)

Total package  5 days US$ 825


Engaging Cultures, Societies, and Systems in Sustainable Development in Peru

Practitioners in international development are constantly engaging social holons in a change process. Change occurs quite differently in social groups than it does in individuals, requiring us to develop different skills and understanding. Drawing on social psychology, on Wilber's Excerpt D, and on our own field experience, Integral Without Borders is holding a field learning event in Cusco, Peru to further examine the dynamics of cultures, societies and systems, as well as to learn skills to engage a truly integrally-informed social change. We will be based out of Cusco, Peru, and traveling to the surrounding communities, ecosystems, and sights.

Dates: Oct 16 to Oct 26, 2012

Application deadline: August 1, 2012

Cost: $1500 (Includes accommodation, in-country travel, food, entrance fee to ruins, organization and facilitation. Does not include airfare.)   



IWB is designing four and six week telecourses on different topics relating to integral development. These will include readings, online discussion, facilitation and lectures from leading practittioners, opportunities for Q&A, as well as touch points with your own projects in the field. They will be accessible anywhere one can get internet and very reasonably priced. An excellent way to connect in a community of practitioners and hone your praxis without needing to travel.

Please watch this space for more information. And contact us with any requests you may have for course topics.


Resources, Research and Writing

We are compiling excellent resources that contribute to the canon of writings, knowledge assets, and think pieces on integral international development. If you want your work to have wider reach and are interested to contribute to this clearinghouse, let us know.

Our team of directors are working wtih a group of about 10 authors on an Integral Without Borders book. Gail Hochachka is leading the project, and doing much of the writing and editing, though many others are contributing insights, wisdom, examples, and more. TItle is still unknown, but the chapters are coming together rapidly, with diagrams and illustrations from decades and decades of collective practice all over the world. Stay tuned!


Consulting and Mentoring

We engage on two scales: the organization scale (organizational structure, staff, ILP) and the project scale (concept, design, implementation, evaluation) using integral assessment methodology designed to assess the flow and sticking points within an organization or project. With integral distinctions, with clarity provided by meta-level analysis, and with rigor from our examples and experience in the field, we provide clients new insights on the pathways forward in their work. See more here.