Vision and Purpose

We envision greater integration and depth in development praxis around the word.

To support that vision, our purpose is to dynamically hold a discourse on integral practice in international development through global events, field learning, and online discussions and courses. Our community is made up of practitioners of development cooperation who see the needs for a meaningful inclusion of interiority in development, who are curious about what quality of transdisciplinary engagement is needed to meet complex issues, and who are open to post-conventional perspectives and methods.

We provide support for the advance of an integral approach in global development, assisting practitioners and organizations with resources, mentoring, consulting, training and networking opportunities.

We see our main role as one of clarification, supporting practitioners and organizations to bring greater clarity, depth, and rigor to their global development efforts.  Things can get very messy ‘in the real world,’ making it hard to see the bigger picture. We use AQAL theory to help clarify the ‘mess,’ hone in on hidden causes to persistent problems, and elucidate the depth dimensions relevant to the issue at hand to help those in the field become as effective as they can be. In turn, we use the ‘mess’ of the field to help sharpen the theory. We intend to archive this collective learning and wisdom for use by others and future generations.