Board of Directors

Gail Hochachka

Gail, one of the two Founders of Integral Without Borders, draws on her own extensive experience working all over the world, 

and has brought integral practitioners together in dialogue, to define, develop and evolve the practice of a 

transdisciplinary, Integral Approach in international development. She has carried out integral projects in Nigeria, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and El Salvador, on themes as diverse as leadership development, value chain sustainability, 

climate resilience, communtiy development, integral evaluation, and environmental capacity enhancement, in the nonprofit and private sectors. She is gifted at facilitating group processes, is skillful in communicating to different worldviews, and has an unique ability to unite complex theory with practice to engage the major issues of our time. She is a published author in numerous academic journals, as well as the book Developing Sustainability, Developing the Self.

Paul J van Schaik

Paul is the other original Founder of Integral Without Borders. As mentor, practitioner and consultant with over 30 years field experience in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, Paul posseses a rare depth of understanding and clarity.  As an Integral practitioner he combines his work experience in international development with Integral Theory and initiates the design, implementation and evaluation of integrally informed programs in complex environments.  He shares his knowledge with a precision, subtlety, and power that offers practitioners a challenging position to the manifestation of their own Integral practice in development. The founder of integralMENTORS and Chief Knowledge Officer of the ThriveAbility Foundation. He has recently published Guides for Integrally Informed Practitioners; 1 Basic, and 2 Advanced also UrbanHub 1: Smart Sustainable - ThriveAble Cities

Sushant Shrestha

Sushant Shrestha

Sushant is a native of Nepal and is the Project Lead for the Integral Nepal Project, currently being carried out in partnership with One Sky and funded by MetaIntegral. He is currently developing sustainable organizational practices that honour local culture and tradition while navigating the forces of globalization. He is a certified coach and gradaute of the Integral Psychology Program at JFKU, he has a background in strategy consulting wtih degrees in Management and Finance, and has trained with Susanne Cook-Greuter and Terri O'Fallon on the Leadership Maturity Framework and it's organizational application. He is adept at running integral research projects, capacity building and leadership development. He has been involved in the integral commnity via his work as the Finance Director of MetaIntegral, as a peer-review committee member of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and as a researcher in the Integral Research Center. He is fluent in English, Nepali and Hindi.

Lisa Gibson

Lisa is the coordinator of Vancouver’s Living in Community, an innovative multi-sector collaboration involving government, sex workers, communities, police and businesses. Gibson also led the design and facilitation of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Leadership Initiative, together with RainCity Housing and the Hollyhock Leadership Institute. Lisa brings extensive integral design and application experience in Canada and around the world. She has worked in leadership development in Nigeria, consulted on gender equity from an integral perspective in Peru, and collaborates with women’s organizations in Nepal to end gender discrimination. Gibson has a BA in social work, an MA in gender and development, and a Certificate in Integral Theory from JFKU. She also teaches yoga and meditation, and integrates insights from her 20 years of practice into her work with communities.

Marilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton is a city evolutionist, activist, author, and researcher. A radical optimist, she catalyzes city well-being through living, evolutionary, whole systems approaches. Generating courageous community dialogue, deliberation and design, she helps people discover invisible options for complex issues, using interdisciplinary actions, ideas, relationships and systems. She incubates resilience and transformation strategies with city staff, civic leaders, civil society, entrepreneurs and community participants. Her passions are designing processes that enable the Human Hive - Gaia's most reflective organ - to live sustainably so that people can look after themselves, each other and the planet. Hamilton is founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc., TDG Global Learning Connections and TDG Holdings Inc., and she is the author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, which explores the city with an integral, evolutionary and living system paradigm.

Jordan Luftig

Jordan thinks deeply about the causes of human suffering and his work is dedicated to creating the conditions for human flourishing. A generalist with a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology and a certified Integral Coach, Jordan joins FSD with 10 years of combined experience as a convener, educator, fundraiser, and grantmaker. He has played a notable role in building an emerging global Integral movement as four-time organizer of an international conference; director of a multi-issue grantmaking program; and faculty member of graduate programs. Jordan is passionate about a convergence of movements for social justice, a new political economy, and individual and cultural awakening. He has worked with BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) in the new economy movement and he participated in Equity Summit 2015 as a member of the People of Color Network delegation of EPIP (Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy). Jordan volunteers as Vice Chair of the Bay Area chapter of EPIP. He played basketball at Emory University, and today you might catch him playing tennis or jogging around Lake Merritt in Oakland, where he lives with his wife Paulette.

Field-Based Team

Danielle Huffaker

Danielle joins the team from her base in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, and will be assisting with Spanish-speaking IWB gatherings and online courses, as well as doing Commuications for our extended IWB network. Bio to come.



Ken Wilber, Special Advisor

Contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber, who has developed Integral Theory and wrote over 20 books translated into 25 languages, is a special advisor and board member of Integral Without Borders. As a mentor and a colleague, he advises and helps us interpret Integral theory in practice. This takes the form of emails, meetings, conference calls, as well as presentations and Q&A discussions at our events. IWB has a close affinity to Integral Institute, having been a Center there since 2005, and is continuing to contribute to its transformation and re-emergence.