There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.” ~ Gautama Buddha

Here are some resources to help you start, or go all the way, in manifesting an integral approach in development. The full canon represents over three decades of work experience and integral experimentation (we'll be slowly adding to what you see here over the next few weeks). IWB intends to continue to build these knowledge assets to provide the growing community of practitioners some reference points in the applying this model in the field, and we encourage you to become a member so that you can upload and share your knowledge too. Although we offer these for free, please consider giving the suggested donation of $25 to ensure our ability to build and maintain this resource archive.


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Integral Praxis Program in International Development Webinar Recording 2015
Integral Transformation of Value Chains 2015
Toward Integral Economic Democracy: Learning and Leading Innovation in Second-Tier Distributed Networks Brian McConnell 2014
'Worlds of Inclusion' & 'Worlds of Action' - integralMENTORS Papers Paul J van Schaik et al 2014
ThriveAbility : A short overview - Robin Wood - integralMENTORS Fellow and President of Renaissance2 Robin Wood 2014
What Do You Think? - integralMENTORS Series (updated) Paul van Schaik et al (see in paper title) 2014
Basic Moral Intuition and Social Holons Emine Kiray 2013
A Marriage of Sense and Soul: Embodying Integral Leadership in the City 2.0 Brian McConnell 2013
Graphics for ‘Working With Resistance -When Reality hits, use its Force’ - Anne Caspari Anne Caspri 2013
Inter-American Development Bank Seminar Presentations Gail Hochachka & Paul van Schaik 2013
Summer Vacation Program 2012 Area of comunication Cakike Fondation- Jenny Ramírez 2013
Teaching Values Through Music for Colombia Children Fernando Zarate 2012
"When a facilitator has to say no" synopsis of a mini-teaching by Diane Musho Hamilton and Rebecca Ejo Colwell Diane Musho Hamilton, Rebecca Ejo Colwell 2012
Climate Resilience Photo Journal: Climate Change Adaptation and Human Development. Hochachka, Madrigal, Flores, Cáceres, Tenney, Núñez, Tejeda and Delgado. 2012
Climate Resilience: A Field-Guide for Photo Voice in Climate Change Adaptation Engagement Hochachka, Madrigal, Flores, Cáceres, Tenney, Núñez, Tejeda and Delgado. 2012
Integral Leadership Collaborative (Reference) Integral Leadership Collaborative etal 2012
Integrating Spirituality into a Post-secular Approach to Development Hochachka, Gail 2012
Leading From Within - Integral Leadership for Sustainable Development in West Africa One Sky Media 2012
IM Newsletters as Worksheets [14 docs] inc. No 25 Feb. 2012 integralMENTORS 2011
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