"Integral Without Borders is, in my opinion, the best and most important organization addressing sustainability from an Integral, comprehensive view, which makes it the most important organization of its kind.  Please look them over carefully and join with them in whatever way you possibly can.  You won’t regret it!"  ~ Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Integral Without Borders is a global network of practitioners dedicated to integrating perspectives and manifesting greater depth in the praxis of international development. We hold events and telecourses, offer mentoring and consulting, and provide resources. Welcome!

Integral Without Borders Sangha Call, Basic Moral Intuition


Deepening our practice of the Basic Moral Intuition

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IWB Sangha Call: Transformational Change in Development


Integral Without Borders Sangha Call

Transformational Change in Development

Our third Integral Without Borders Community Call will be on Dec 7th, 2013.

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Graphics for ‘Working With Resistance -When Reality hits, use its Force’ - Anne Caspari


For those who would like more detailed versions of the graphics discussed in Anne Caspari's Paper [October and November 2013 Sangha calls] they can be downloaded from the link below.


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IWB Sangha Call Working With Resistance


Our second IWB Sangha call will be on October 26th, 9am PST, on the topic of Working With Resistence using Otto Scharmer's U Process. Our leader for this call is Anne Caspari from Italy, who has worked in sustainability for many years in different parts of the planet such as the Middle East and Africa. Her short article that will provide some content for this call is included here and can be downloaded here too.

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IWB Sangha Call: Working with Shadow in Development


Integral Without Borders Sangha Call: Working with Shadow in Development

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Summer Newsletter: Supply Chains, Integral Praxis Manual and a Community Call.


Our summer newsletter just went out. It includes some brief reports from the field--specifically on integral supply chains and inroads into the InterAmerican Development Bank--as well as details about an Integral Praxis Manual being designed and developed with a training session and a free 'sangha call' (or community conference call) amongst IWB members starting this September! Please take a look:

Summer Newsletter


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IWB Fall Newsletter


The Fall Newsletter is published! There's extensive coverage of the Peru event on Engaging Cultures, Societies and Systems, as well as a healthy discount available for IWB members to the Integral What's Next Event this coming December. Please take a look.

Integral Without Borders Fall Newsletter

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Engaging Cultures, Societies, and Systems: Applying an Integral Approach to Sustainable Development in Peru


Practitioners in international development are constantly engaging social holons in a change process. Change occurs quite differently in social groups than it does in individuals, requiring us to develop different skills and understanding. Drawing on social psychology, on Wilber's Excerpt D, and on our own field experience, Integral Without Borders is holding a field learning event in Cusco, Peru to further examine the dynamics of cultures, societies and systems, as well as to learn skills to engage a truly integrally-informed social change.

Dates: Oct 16-Oct 26, 2012

Application deadline: August 30, 2012 (please apply with application form below)

Cost: $1500 (Includes accommodation, in-country travel, food, entrance fee to ruins, organization and facilitation. Does not include airfare.)  

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Integral Practitioner in Praxis Gathering Perspectives




The Integral Practitioners in Praxis gathering took place at the Tlholego EcoVillage in the North Western Province, South Africa from the 28 May to 1 June 2012.

The attached paper shares some of the perspectives of the facitatators of the gathering.

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Integrating Spirituality into a Post-secular Approach to Development


This paper takes up the issue of how spirituality has become practically absent in urban development practise/ theory, as well as in international development practise and its theoretical discourse, by examining the idea of a post-secular approach to spirituality and by looking at acase study in the developing world.

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