IWB Community Call - Sociocultural and Systems Transformation

The next Integral Without Borders Community Call will be on March 6th, 2017 on the dynamics of socio-cultural and systems change.

Our intention with these IWB community calls is to co-create the kind of 'integral community' we want, one that is edgy and wise in its content, supportive in its interpersonal connections, and kosmos-centric in it's moral embrace. Each call will focus on an aspect of integral practice in development with certain practitioners leading on these topics and with participants contributing examples from their integral projects.

Monday, March 6th, 2017, 10-11:30am Pacific Time. (Find your time zone here).

Register Here:  Once you register, you will be sent a Zoom invite as well as the intro four-page paper which frames the topic.

Price: $20 USD Suggested Donation. We appreciate that you value this community service.

Topic: Faced with today's particular political and ecological landscape, this question of how to effectively engage in the transformation of culture and society, as well as to support those changes with robust systems changes, is paramount and critical.

Although much has been studied in sociology and enacted in social activism, there remain many unknowns for how collectives can give rise to radically new paradigms, despite the heavy weights that bind them to the status quo. What exactly are those weights, and why and how do they weigh on change efforts? Getting clearer on that can assist in refining our strategies and efforts towards change.

In this call, we continue a decade long inquiry amongst IWB members for how collectives transform. As per usual, this will be a transdisicplinary dialogue, touching bases with various fields of thought. The late Emine Kiray wrote on social holons and was particularly fascinated by the emancipatory roles that LR systems could have on a society. We will be begin with some of her writing.

This writing draws on some of the later components of Wilber’s Integral Theory (found in Excerpt A and D) which are less well-known aspects of his cannon of works. In this, he explains some of the intriguing dynamics of how transformation occurs in social holons and what emancipatory potential exists in cultural and systems change. We will examine the distinctions between individual and social holons, which in turn sheds light on the unique ways that transformation occurs in each. In particular, four central ideas on the dynamics of how socio-cultural transformation happens will be discussed, which account for the dynamics of transformation in social groups as well as addresses the nonlinearity, emergence, and the complexity of systems change.

We will also consider what insights Social Innovation Theory brings to the dynamics of socio-cultural and systems change, hearing from Lisa Gibson, one of the four faculty of the Social Innovation Certificate at Vancouver's Simon Fraser University. Other examples will be drawn from experimentation in integral social change from its field applications in various parts of the world, including those of the Integral Without Borders network, certain integrally-informed NGOs, and in the Latin American community of integral change agents. We anticipate many of the participants on the call will also have anecdotes and ideas to contribute.

This conversation will surely continue in the months to come (and we have a great line-up of guest speakers on related applications of some of these ideas) but jump in now to refresh your thinking and add your insights to the whole.

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The IWB team.