Stories from the field are archived below for easy reference. Over time, we'll be adding to these stories from the field, which help to illustrate the many ways that integrative and integral approaches are landing in practice all over the world.

Integral insights into community resilience to climate change

Exploring the Many Ways We Are Resilient

In July-September 2011, IWB partner organization, One Sky-The Canadian Institute for Sustainable Living, engaged social change agents and concerned citizens about what it means to be resilient in times of turbulent change, particulalry with climate change and peak oil. Through using scenario planning, systems thinking and community conversations, the One Sky team created an integrally informed model for engaging community on such topics.

Transformational, harmonious and sustainable development of Africa: the AIDEN vision

Excerpt from Etim Omini, Director of the African Integral Development Network's opening address for AIDEN's conference in November. IWB director, Gail Hochachka, is in conversations with Mr. Omini about AIDEN becoming a partner of IWB. For now, we'd like to highlight and promote the work of this amazing network.

Integrating the subjective dimensions of climate change in El Salvador

Integrating Subjectivity into Climate Change Adaptation

For the field of climate change studies, the issue of climate change is addressed as something environmental, with a focus on the technical and scientific aspect of the issue. But in the lived realities of Salvadorans (and many others on the planet) this is a matter of life and death, faith and hope, social justice and community resilience. In this project, IWB partner organizations Drishti and Centro Bartolome de las Casas, have sought to include the ‘human dimensions’ of climate change adaptation by combining methodologies in an integral approach. It is a first step in a much longer and comprehensive action-inquiry.