Core Values

In our work, we commit to meeting people where they are, at their current stage of personal development, and to promote mindfulness in all its dimensions. Our guiding principle is to facilitate the healthy emergence of the greatest depth for the greatest span in the context of an evolving universe. To leave the world more whole than we found it is our inspiration.

Fully recognizing that being, knowing and doing are inseparable, we are committed to facilitating ever deeper and ever wider integral awareness in ourselves and the IWB community. We are committed to bringing our integral awareness fully to our work in the communities we serve.

Within IWB we aim to provide a holding environment where playfulness (transparency and freedom), rigor (excellence), passion (fullness), and care (love) converge. We envision it as a place of refuge for integral practitioners in the field of global development to hone their praxis and unfurl their creative powers.

Acknowledging the pervasive role of shadow in all human interaction, we observe how if anyone becomes deeply upset and reactive, a shadow has been triggered. Such a moment is the time for discerning compassion. If we become deeply upset and reactive, our own shadow has been triggered. It is time to be quiet and self-reflective. It helps to question one’s motives before any action.

Finally, we acknowledge the creative, inherent pulsation of consciousness that has spurred human innovation forward across history, encouraging humanity's care and concern for one another to expand. We anchor ourselves from the seat of that consciousness as best we can, moment to moment.